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The JRIC creates and shares intelligence products to keep partners informed regarding emerging, evolving, and persistent threats. Additionally, we share products created by partners that may be of interest to our subscribers.

The JRIC tailors its offerings according to the roles and responsibilities of partners. To receive JRIC products, please choose and click the link for the category that best describes your current job title and duties.

  • IF YOU ARE A TLO, YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER. Terrorism Liaison Officers (TLOs) are automatically subscribed to receive JRIC Products

Law Enforcement Personnel 

  • Individuals who work for accredited law enforcement agencies.
  • Private security personnel should choose the “Private Sector Personnel” option, below.

Public Safety Personnel 

  • Individuals who work for accredited Fire, Emergency Management, or government public health agencies and organizations.
  • Individuals who are active-duty members of the US military, or who have a .mil email address.
  • Tribal Public Safety Officers. 
Other Qualified Personnel 

The JRIC may provide subscriptions to individuals who possess a demonstrated “need to know.” Examples include:

  • Critical Infrastructure protection role within the JRIC area of responsibility.
Private Sector Personnel

Healthcare, security, or private sector personnel within the JRIC area of responsibility. Private Sector employees are strongly encouraged to attend TLO Basic Training course to receive products.

Attend TLO Basic Training and Become a TLO Secure Partner

All law enforcement, fire, health, military, tribal and public health personnel are encouraged to attend this training.  The training is free. Those who complete the training are eligible to become TLO Secure Partners for their respective agencies and will  be granted access to the Secure TLO Portal and will receive JRIC Products. 

Click here to review upcoming training 

(If not listed, please review calendar periodically).   

Attended TLO Training at another Fusion Center?

If you have already attended TLO Basic Training at one of our Fusion Center Partners (OCIAC, NCRIC, CCIC or LECC) and are interested becoming a JRIC TLO Secure Partner email

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